Jolly Beach (Caribbean, Antigua)

Dearest Travel Lovers 

I traveled around the Caribbean on the Thomson Celebration in January of this year for a 2 week holiday.

It was an amazing cruise, as i had never been to that part of the world before, all i did was explore …… and party of course. We docked in a lovely place called Antigua, St johns to be precise.
There wasn’t a lot to explore apart from a little town, so we just decided to pick a beach to go to!  Antigua has 365 beaches , one for each day of the year….. wouldn’t that be an adventure.

One of my friends had told me about jolly beach which is about 10 minutes from the port , and it looked incredible from his pictures, so we decided to go.

Wow was my first word as i stepped out of the taxi, as i literally stared for about 2 minutes i was blown away, it was like something out of Neverland, it was so incredible, beautiful white flat sands, located in a bay surrounded by rocks and the greenest trees I’ve ever seen. As you can guess the Caribbean is filled with stunning beaches, but this was something else.

We were the only people on that part of the beach, to be fair it was half past 9 haha, i decided i wanted to jet ski, i was the only one in the bay going 90Mph on a jet ski!! with mum 20Mph and it was still to fast ! haha.


  • The sunbeds and umbrellas cost, but worth it if your planning on staying there for a whole day!
  • The WIFI is really good, and it situated in a bar just behind the beach.
  • The Taxi from the port is about £10 dollars, something like that.


What an Amazing Place

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