Santorini, Greece (Thera)

HELLO Travel Lovers

Santorini is one of the Cyclades Islands In the Aegean Sea. The island was devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century. This shaped the beautiful island that we know today, the villages cling to the cliff edges and overlooks the beautiful Aegean sea.

I’ve visited the island always by cruise ship, the sea tends to get rough around the island so getting a tender over to shore can be very difficult, and it was when i went in may of this year. The winds are very high, so if you have hats on, you will need to sellotape it to your head, that’s not even an exaggeration.

There is a cable car up to the top of the island which is all the villages and markets, you can also walk up, or get a donkey. ( i wouldn’t recommend the donkey, bless them, but i think you will realise why being that its 980ft high !

Coincidentally one year, we were in Santorini on the anniversary of the volcano eruption, so there was a massive firework show and volcano simulator, it was amazing !!

Its such an incredible place, full of ancient & medieval history! Well worth a visit! Weddings take place daily on the beautiful volcanic island.

there is also an airport, don’t worry you don’t have to row to the island.

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