Brighton, England

Hello BLOGGERS !!!

Now many of you are thinking, why the hell would you write a blog about Brighton. I SHALL TELL YOU …RIGHT NOW 😉

As soon as i saw the coast, the pier, the water, the high rise white buildings, the architecture and the beautiful hills, i fell in love with it. Most of our beaches in England are full of stones, i don’t think that’s a bad thing, maybe a bit uncomfortable but it makes England England, and it makes Brighton beach, when you step on the stones , you know your there lol. When you work on a cruise ship you get to admire certain things, that you never think to notice before. The stars, the sea, two beautiful things combined. Put them together by the seaside… BOOM Happiness. I’ve Experienced that in Brighton and its great.

I live in Milton Keynes, which is situated just north of London, and the nearest seaside is about 2 hours away! COMEON !! i spent a lot of time last year in Brighton and i loved it. I visited a lot of places and experienced things that were different to normal life in MK.

  • Kids could just come home from school and casually walk to the beach and have a juice ;).
  • Watch the sunset on the horizon, through the old pier ruins!
  • Act like a kid in the arcade on the pier!
  • Eat Fish and Chips by sea, trying not to get attacked by Seagulls !!
  • Make sure you bring shorts and a decent top, as you could end up buying a I ❤ Brighton top which is to small for you !
  • PRIDE IS AMAZING – The nightlife is great in Brighton, especially when Pride is on


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