Why Choose Cruising??

Why should you choose cruising?

  • You wake up in a different place every single day. or wake up to just ocean surrounding you.
  • Sunbathing on a floating hotel, watching the world go by.
  • West End Style Shows.
  • Game, shows, bingo, line dancing you name it.
  • If its cold sipping hot choclate and watching the world go by.
  • 8 Course Meals ( you come home weighing the same as the cruise ship) 😉 you can always work it off at the gym.
  • There are cruise ship ports in most places in the world.
  • Trips, Trips, Trips …… Wishing they were free….. but there not
  • DUTY FREE…. even more then airports
  • Southampton cruise – a lot of the ships now go out and come back into England…. no weight limit, liquids galore in hand luggage!!
  • For all you Seasick ferry goers …ITS NOTHING LIKE A FERRY, ferries basically have flat bottoms and just bob, cruise ships cut through the water and have stabilizers.
  • You have the choice over over 15 companies
  • a choice of over 100 Cruise Ships !
  • A choice of 196 Countries.

My dad was talking about cruising for years, and my mum was put off by the fact it was a boat on waves…… think she watched Poseidon to many times.

Give it a go i guarantee you’ll love it!!! land wont be the same again

Check My GO PRO Video out from my latest Holiday and its a taste of what cruising is like :https://youtu.be/P-e5NxBUN6Y

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