Stockholm, Sweden

Hey Bloggers!!

I’m going to write about this great place I visited today…. Stockholm… I didn’t expect to love It as much as I did! We got a shuttle bus from the ship into town, and arrived just outside the opera house in the mist of it all.

We visited the old town first which I loved, this is situated just behind the palace, old cobbled streets with shops galore situated each side. I came across this fantastic old antique shop piled up to the roof with stamps, gas mask, old war things even a bomb! it was crazy, I could of spent the whole day looking. We had lunch in a small random as hell bar that had amazing beer, burgers and great Wi-Fi, it was called the corner bar, just next to the taco bar. The old town is great if your looking for Wi-Fi, as the new bit doesn’t tend to have any!

The new town is great for shopping and eating in well-known restaurants. Stockholm has incredible architecture and is beautiful just to have a stoll around!

Do it

Peace out ….. from Emma & The Acadia Team on the way to Tallin Estonia

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