Hong Kong

Hello people of the world, i haven’t posted in about a year! which is really Stupid considering i have a travel blog and i work on a ship lol !!

So in 2016 before i joined the  P&O Arcadia again i spent 4 days in Hong Kong Waiting for the ship, exploring with the most amazing of Devises ….. Google Maps!! this was probably the best thing to use as i literally walked everywhere!! The best way to see all the little alleys and hidden temples is defo by the tiring wonders of walking! At night the entire city lights up like christmas, so pretty. You need to spend at least some of the time walking around at night! i did it on my own and felt safer at night then in the day ! trying lots of the local food……. and beer !!! of corse beer Tshingtao! mmmmm

So a little bit of History on Hong Kong

Hong Kong as we know it today was born when China’s Qing dynasty government was defeated in the First Opium War in 1842, when it ceded Hong Kong Island to Britain. Thats about it for my knowledge haha!

So when is the best time to go: Hong Kong is a popular travel destination year round. The city enjoys a mild climate from the middle of September to the end of February, while the weather from May to mid-September can be hot, wet and humid, with August being the wettest month, so whatever the weather take a cheeky little visit.

Now starting with the best view:

The Victoria peak

The Victoria Peak is probably one of the most popular Hong kong Attractions and the highest point on Hong Kong Island, i mean the view is spectacular. it stretches across sparking skyscrapers and overlooks Victoria harbour! Since 1888, The Peak Tram has served Hong Kong, quietly witnessing 120 years of the city’s changes. To be honest it was very very high and weird heading vertically up to the top, with nothing but a few wooden benches! AWESOME adventures though! i did make myself proud as i was clinging to the side of the Tram.

The Markets!!

Ladies Market:With over 100 stalls of bargain clothing, accessories, mega Electronics  and souvenirs, the Ladies’ Market on Tung Choi Street provides a one-kilometre stretch on which to practise your haggling skills, and let me tell you, they want you to buy EVERYTHING lol

The Clock Tower:
Located on Kowloon standing 44-metres tall, the old Clock Tower was erected in 1915 as part of the Kowloon–Canton Railway terminus. The once-bustling station is long gone, but this red brick and granite tower, now preserved as a Declared Monument. This is very pretty and is just outside of the ferry terminal & Port.

On my Travels of hong kong i went everywhere i could within walking distance, to parks, monuments, tall towers with lots of alcohol ! with views of the whole city!

Now being the weirdo that i am, i literally carried around with me a printed itinerary and the lonely planet guide !

i wont tell you too much…… go see for yourself !!

Enjoy this wondrous place …… and try the beer !!


Peace Out


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