San Diego, California

Good Afternoon Bloggers !

Now America completely stole my heart, so expect more posts from America’s beautiful States to follow!

San Diego Wow
We arrived very early in the morning to this port! so the first image i got was was the gangway, then everything opened out! ‘ This is so cool’ smiling from ear to ear, we decided to go over to and island called Coronado which was Stunning!

Long beaches, dogs going mental, Huge houses! massive streets, it honestly looks like something out of the movies, i felt like i was in my own little paradise.

We had beers in a little barber bar……… Well thats what i call it …… an old diner! My kind of architecture and every house i would of happily lived in.  its one of those places i just walked around smiling and saying to myself ‘ i am so lucky to see such incredible places’!

We decided to just walk on the beach admiring the view and enjoying the heat and sunshine! feeling like 1 million pounds …… wait Dollars ;P

A lot of the crew from our ship decided to head to the San Diego zoo, don’t get me wrong, if i had more time in this place i would have definitely gone! But for me, culture and exploring was the main thing on my mind !

We travelled back in the Taxi passed Petco Park ( Baseball Stadium) which i so wanted to see! but again not enough time! we asked the taxi driver where the best place to go was and area near Balbao botanical gardens ! where i had the best burger and Cream soda beer i have ever tasted !! it was amazing and in a stunning location OF corse !

It was then time to head back to the ship after an incredible 5 hours in San Diego !

Passed the cheese cake factory, passed the USS Midway Museum ( FIGHTER PLANES) and then imitating the ‘Embracing Peace Statue’ for a cheeky Kiss!!

You need this place in your life !! NOW



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