New York! The Big Apple!

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New York City another wow place! I don’t know where to start!

We set sail from Southampton on a very sunny day, the whole crew and passengers so excited for the road trip ( wave trip ) ahead of us. It would take us 6.5 days until we enter into New York Waters! We had some bad weather going across the seas( hurricane Dave) it wasn’t the name of the Hurricane, i really like the name dave, and everyone seemed to go along with it result !! Boom Named a Hurricane.

I remember the day we arrived ( early in fact) I was working at the time, hosting a traditional game of Deck Quoits! When we hear someone say, ‘Statue Of Liberty’. The whole game stopped and everyone briskly walked to the other side of the ship, and the view was spectacular! just sailing past this huge statue, which is something that i had only ever seen in the movies!


We decided to head to the front of the ship to watch us dock, and the skyscrapers…. vast, just everything you would expect.  We went through a lot of immigration bits and bobs but i wont bore you with the details!

Just after our trip to New England, me and my friend decided to book another 4 day holiday to New York….. SO ALL THE ADVENTURES ARE INCLUDED!

Lets start with our first Adventure on the New York map!

Top of The Rock, The Rockefeller Centre

view-from-top-of-the-rockThis is something i would definitely recommend doing! The first time i arrived in new York we only had two days, so i had to narrow my choices to what i really wanted to do! I asked a local what was the best view, from the top of the rock? Or the Empire State Building? His Reply,’ Top of The Rock 100%, the reason is because you have an incredible view of the Empire State Building Lit up at night and over central park’. So Boom, we travelled up to the Top of The Rock! It was so worth it was such a beautiful view!

32412758.jpgThere are so many viewing platforms that you can take pictures and enjoy the fresh air and take in those stunning views !!

Times Square! 

Walking from the ship into New York, Times Square was the first jewel of this exciting city that i laid my sparkly excited eyes upon! I wasn’t disappointed! shutterstock_136061666.0.jpg

I just started spinning around, my eyes lit up, i couldn’t believe i was actually in Times Square! Then my brain started flicking through movies, Ghostbusters, Spiderman, Big Breakfast at Tiffany’s, endless amount of films set in Times Square! Set in New York. I was in my element. We left times square to explore more of The Big Apple!

I returned to Times Square in the Evening and WOW !

90615052.jpgIt was like Christmas !!!! everything was alive, the typically yellow taxis even made me smile!!! enough about Times Square!

A List Of Places to Visit

Ellen’s Stardust Diner

Ellen’s Stardust Diner is a retro 1950s theme restaurant located on Broadway 51st Street in Theatre District. The Diner is on of the best themed restaurants in New York. Ellen’s Stardust is home to aspiring Broadway singers and performers, who wait on you whilst singing an array of songs, and in my own opinion its incredible! I wish i could sing and have fun the way they do ! There is normally a queue to get in, even at breakfast as it is such a popular place! Rating *8/10*




You have to visit broadway at least once whilst your staying in New York !

On our way to New York we decided to book Lion King !! 6 rows back middle seats !!! not going to lie, this was very expensive….. but totally worth it ! Free Playbills of the show, and themed Lion King sippy cups! yes sippy cups to hold our beer…… we brought loads, a little excited i would say, in fact that excited that even little kids were shhhhhhhhhhing us just before the show ! RUDE ! hahahaha. circle-of-life-tab.jpg


The Empire State Building 

The Empire State Building is a 102-story skyscraper located on Fifth Avenue, construction started in 1930 ! Now this is something that everyone wants to go and see because it is ‘THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING’ The Views and history are incredible! Highly recommended.


Central park ! 

Central Park being the most filmed park in the entire world, holding such amazing photo opportunities and beautiful views . The first thing that came to mind when i first walked into Central Park is the imagine of the pigeon lady in Home Alone 2 !! A Huge park to explore !! I had to buy a newspaper and read it ! of corse did.. Weirdo …



New York Grand Central Station! 

Just another famous, exciting  place to visit !


Now there is so much you need and can do in the Big Apple! infinity things ! But you need to go see a sports game of some kind! its exactly how you expect it to be  ! The most amazing atmosphere and excitement for a sports game!  Americans love sports and so do I! It was incredible!

The New York Nicks Basketball Game


I do hope this either brings back good memories of your time in this incredible city, or makes you wanna explore this place even more. There are so many things to see and do! ENJOY

Peace out Bloggers


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