2020 – My Year in Review

Hey Hey Hey 

What a year this has been eh?  Unfortunately, there is no travel blog going up today, I was thinking of sharing some places I have been in my lifetime, but I thought I could share some positivity about my year.   I started writing a poem as this is the best way I tend to express my emotions, but unfortunately as much of a positive and happy person I am…. My poems tend to be emotional and a little bit dark, so this was not the best option to spread some happiness. 

In terms of humanity and what people are currently going through it has been a hard year! I want to share with you the funny, the happy and positive aspects of 2020 in various lockdowns and tiers.  This is not me intending to compare my year to any of yours, just to share some happiness beyond the shit storm of 2020.

In the beginning

When this all hit, I was living on my own, no bubbles, full lockdown with my beautiful little kitty and her urge to bring in every live animal in the food chain.   Yes, it was hard (very hard) not seeing my family from more than a two-metre distance at my front door every time they delivered me food or beer to cheer up their daughter, who was slowly going crazy whilst getting drunk in the sunshine on a bean bag on my 4 stone front door patio whilst making videos about how to get rid of unwanted bugs and how to water one’s plant pot on the patio (see YouTube, actually please don’t!!).  Yes, I was a little lonely which is very strange as I am very independent. After binging everything on Netflix and actually reading some of my books on my bookshelf that hasn’t been touched since GCSE English 10 years ago… (lies, I love books, but I love buying them and not actually reading them so that had to change).

Summertime Blues

Summertime came and no outdoor plans….. So, the only thing I knew I was good at that would keep me busy was work….. love a good bit of work I do!!  Couldn’t get enough, I was ending up doing 80+ hours a week working for every admin department I could in the NHS……. Kept me busy…… but I thought ahhhhh why not find some like minded people on a dating app (BUMBLE I’m coming for you), at this point in 2020 I didn’t have much time between all the work and in reality, didn’t have time in my life for anything else but I thought I would give it a good go and started swiping aggressively.  

I got a date!!   Admittedly, I was a little nervous just before meeting my date as I had been officially single for 7 years and had kind of given up on any idea of love or something that remotely resembles a constant man in my life, but I thought sod it as I am a strong independent woman, I can do this!!  — defo still shit myself as I approached this tall handsome man who was carrying a picnic basket full of my favourite beer…. I mean totally bagged a great first date here peeps.

The date finished, he walked me back to my car like a gentleman and then ….I kind of shouted at him, ‘Would you like to go out again?’….. (shit!! he is going to think I’m a right weirdo) and luckily I didn’t scare this tall 6’5 giant of a man away with my 5,7 utter nuttiness and craziness and in all honestly couldn’t wait to kiss him when the time came, it would be in like the movies and have to go onto my tiptoes with one leg in the air…… (Oi! Most of us have this fantasy).

Obviously after the date I raced straight to my parents’ garden to discuss the logistics and be very over dramatic and tell my mum how I was going to have a June wedding, 3 kids a barn conversion house and that she should buy a hat … you know the standard followed by half my family and friends stalking the poor man and having a family meeting about the outcome – 6 months later he has now moved in, become a cat dad and the love of my life so I guess that’s defo one of the best parts of my 2020. 

Towards the end of this crazy year 

I was sitting at work one day very agitated and stuck and not seeing a way forward at work due to all the craziness in the world.  With a little push from a very good friend of mine, I took a plunge to go and get what I wanted.  It worked, with all the support of my friends, family and colleagues, I am about to start my journey getting my university degree in business and management, alongside a job I love and hope to advance in. Who knows what will happen in the next 4 years? 

Closing the year

In summary, the year has been a big positive for me, and I’ve had some time to properly consider what I wanted in life and what the best way forward for me was; how I was going to juggle, cope and manage all these wonderful and confusing times all at once.   In 2021, I am not going to make a resolution – I have a few wants and dreams in my head about where I want to be at the start of 2022, but I’m not going to stress myself out just yet.  

I have struggled with my own mental health over the last 6 weeks! For various reasons, but you are not alone and if you need a positive talk and a virtual hug, I am all yours.  Give me a message, keep your head up, keep family and friends close and most of all just be you! You are awesome.  

Little challenge for you: Write down 10 positive things that have happened this year and share them with someone. Trust me after writing this, I feel a lot better about the things that have been lucky enough to receive this year and been able to shut out the negatives.   

Wishing you all the happiness in the world for 2021

Peace out beautiful people

Em x


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