Boston, Massachusetts

So Boston ! AMERICA !!

This was definitely one of my most expensive, beer consumed explorative days … especially because …..again…. we only had about 7 hours to explore all we wanted to !

The First stop on our Crazy adventure is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States, established in 1636 HARVARD! A place i had only seen on the TV.  So we had a walk through all the grounds! which i thought to myself ….. why can’t i be smart ! πŸ˜‰

So i decided to do the best thing possible and turn on tinder on the school site ! Doctor , Doctor, Scientist, Dentist Etc…….. but i think the distance would be the problem hahaha!

Now this is when the expensive part comes in, i decided to go a little wild in the official Harvard store: Lanyard, Hoodie, Mug, Hat! now i have the official gear … not just a top from new look πŸ˜€

We then moved onto THE RED SOCKS Stadium ( Fenway Park) the oldest park in the major baseball league ! Which is defo worth a visit! I had always loved watching baseball as a kid in all the tv series and movies…….. and i was here !!!! its the real deal, but we had to wait and hour in the Boston Brewery for an hour before the tour, We didn’t mind !

We then progressed our journey onto the cheers bar! The iconic Boston landmark of the Tv show, now i never watched cheers! but it was still AWESOME

Our final destination was Dicks last resort bar!
Their description: Dick is the ornery, politically incorrect curmudgeon who started this whole thing. Dick’s Last Resort is known for its outrageous, surly, and energetic servers who dish out good grub, cold booze, and heaping helpings of Sass.

BASICALLY MEANING THEY ARE DICKS TO YOU ….. heaps of insults …. and it was EPIC , i have never had someone throw a menu at me hahaha……. our passengers arrived from the ship, and i don’t think they understood the concept!

An incredible day in a wonderful place !

Untill next time Bloggers

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